The Disciplinary Squad. Several days later on, after narrowly avoid Ayane, Keiko and Makoto in the dormitory, RintarЕЌ fulfills up with KЕЌsuke and Tamao once more in their class room.

RintarЕЌ, KЕЌsuke and Tamao relaxing during the A.K.B.

A few times later, after narrowly avoid Ayane, Keiko and Makoto inside the dormitory, RintarЕЌ fulfills up with KЕЌsuke and Tamao yet again inside their class room. Initially having difficulty recalling them, RintarЕЌ is amazed if they provide become buddies. Gladly accepting, then he joins their club, the A.K.B, and quickly find themselves relaxing in just one of the courtyard woods. Enjoying the comfort, he however quickly learns associated with reason that is real and Tamao had chosen that place in specific. Looking through the leaves, RintarЕЌ freaks out that they are directly opposite the window to the girl’s changing rooms as he quickly realises. Yelling in stress, RintarЕЌ while the males are found. [23]

The A.K.B susceptible to the Disciplinary Squad.

Wanting to utilize RintarЕЌ’s brand brand new status among the Dragons’ master, these are generally quickly refused and forced to flee. Making their escape, the males quickly end up being pursued by people of the Disciplinary farmers dating site free Squad, Rurina and Rumina, whom swiftly defeat everybody else but RintarЕЌ. For their apparently luck however, Asuna, the president associated with the Disciplinary Squad quickly comes and berates the double girls for going too much. Apologising into the men when it comes to girls’ harsh actions, she however asks whatever they had been doing and learns of the peeping attempts. RintarЕЌ therefore the other people are then expected to get to the gym where in fact the remaining portion of the Disciplinary Squad are stationed, simply to end up unexpectedly pressured to cover a big amount of cash as opposed to the punishment that is regular. [24]

RintarЕЌ having defeated Rurina and Rumina.

Realising the scam, the boys object into the turn that is sudden of and then end up subject to the Disciplinary Squad twins once again. Struggling to protect by themselves, KЕЌsuke and Tamao find it difficult to avoid injury, leading RintarЕЌ to part of and quickly beat the twins making use of TenpЕ« Gayoku. Realising their strategy had damaged girls’ uniforms, RintarЕЌ arms them his jacket to cover themselves up with before switching away, resolute in the teachings. Moments later on, Asuna comes to obtain the gym in pretty bad shape and after finding out of the girls’ make an effort to extort cash through the males she yet again asks to be forgiven. Viewing quietly, RintarЕЌ witnesses the scene simply take a noticeable modification since the Disciplinary Squad president instantly strips down her uniform, revealing an idol’s costume underneath. [25]

RintarЕЌ and their friends through the show.

Given that show starts, RintarЕЌ notices just exactly exactly how every person around him had instantly changed character. Seeing a few pupils spend exuberant levels of cash for product of Asuna, he stays quiet through the show that is entire. After the selling ends and everyone leaves, Ayane flies to the gym and then find no body except that the males here. Asking exactly just what these were doing and in case they’d had hardly any money extracted from them, RintarЕЌ points out KЕЌsuke and Tamao who had been nevertheless in a daze. Wanting to alert them of Asuna’s scheming means, the 2 other people quickly switch on RintarЕЌ and accuse him of wanting the idol president all for himself. Angered by just just how Asuna had were able to turn their buddies against him, RintarЕЌ demands to be taken to the Disciplinary Squad’s workplace. [26]

RintarЕЌ confronting Asuna.

Locating the workplace empty, RintarЕЌ manages to locate a doorway that is hidden JichЕЌ KachЕЌ to boost his hearing. Entering the room that is secret RintarЕЌ overhears the president’s intend to make him kneel for them, and then inform them it’s going to never ever take place while he measures to the available. Demanding that Asuna comes clean into the college, the idol president apparently becomes upset, getting RintarЕЌ off-guard. Before such a thing sometimes happens enters that are however ayane behind, her appearance instantly enraging Asuna who starts to rant on how she deserves the name of Dragon more. Attacking Ayane in conjunction with Rurina and Rumina, the 3 siblings quickly end up outmaneuvered as they are quickly beaten, amazing RintarЕЌ with Ayane’s real energy. [27]

The A.K.B’s pledge of virgins.