The Robert C. Maynard Institute for the purpose of Journalism Education is an American non-profit company which locomotives minority visitors to be full-time journalists, publishers and papers editors. It also strives to promote their particular diversified representation in the mass media. The company was established in 1977 and named after the legendary manager, Robert C. Maynard. Presently it locomotives hundreds of minority journalists each year.

The Maynard Commence also helps to enhance the relationship between minority and media specialists at community and countrywide levels. Various community and civic groups, educational institutions, colleges and other institutions benefit from the course and so do many specific newspaper publishers and publications. The range pipeline grows and teaches newsrooms which in turn reach a number of demographics, cultures and communities. Graduates in the program proceed to be employed by major publications like CNN, Wa Post, Are usually Times and the like. They provide the media with invaluable details about local issues and generate a positive big difference in their employment.

Another region where the range initiative normally takes hold can be through professional leadership training. This program is designed to prepare business market leaders and other frontrunners in local and national offices regarding diversity problems and prepares them to improve relations with minority groups. Since it can be not possible to maintain every event, forum or meeting out of all major cities and villages, the Maynard Institute along those who are able to execute workshops and seminars in key places. By getting seasoned executives and by selling special events just like Women in company Week and Leadership Weekend, the institute helps to increase and expand its jewelry with businesses working on diversity issues and provides leadership advancement to those in the network of associates.