Loan terms.Principal and Interest payment per month Amount: $65,109.69

a certificate in kind and range which will be satisfactory to a lender that is prudent an unbiased certified general public accountant acceptable to Lender certifying that the Defeasance Collateral will create quantities enough which will make all payments of principal and interest due under this Note (such as the scheduled outstanding major balance for the Loan due from the Maturity Date);

such other certificates, papers and instruments being a lender that is prudent need; and

if your Loan is held by way of a REMIC Trust, Lender has gotten written confirmation from any Rating Agency score any Securities that replacement associated with the Defeasance Collateral will maybe not end in a downgrade, withdrawal, or qualification for the reviews then assigned to virtually any of this Securities.

Upon conformity because of the needs of Section 5(b)(i), the house shall be released through the lien regarding the home loan together with other Loan papers, while the Defeasance Collateral shall represent security which shall secure this Note and all sorts of other responsibilities underneath the Loan Documents. Lender will, at Borrowers cost, execute and deliver any agreements fairly required by Borrower to discharge the lien associated with the home loan together with other Loan papers through the Property.

Upon the production associated with Property according to this area 5(b), Borrower shall (at Lenders single and absolute discretion) assign all its obligations and legal rights under this Note, with the pledged Defeasance Collateral, to a successor entity designated and approved by Lender with its single and absolute discernment ( Successor Borrower ). Successor Borrower shall perform an assignment and presumption contract in type and substance which will be satisfactory to a wise loan provider pursuant to which it shall assume Borrowers responsibilities under this Note in addition to Defeasance Security Agreement. The Defeasance Security Agreement and the other Loan Documents, as so assigned and assumed, are enforceable against the Successor Borrower in accordance with their respective terms, and opining to such other matters relating to Successor Borrower and its organizational structure as Lender may require, and (B) pay all fees, costs and expenses incurred by Lender or its agents in connection with such assignment and assumption (including, without limitation, legal fees and expenses and for the review of the proposed transferee and the preparation of the assignment and assumption agreement and related certificates, documents and instruments and any fees payable to any Rating Agencies and their counsel in connection with the issuance of the confirmation referred to above) as conditions to such assignment and assumption, Borrower shall (A) deliver to Lender one or more opinions of counsel in form and substance and delivered by counsel which would be satisfactory to a prudent lender stating, among other things, that such assignment and assumption agreement is enforceable against Borrower and the Successor Borrower in accordance with its terms and that this note. Upon such project and assumption, Borrower will be relieved of the responsibilities hereunder, under this Note, underneath the other Loan papers and underneath the Defeasance Security Agreement, except as expressly established within the project and assumption contract.

For purposes for this Article 5, REMIC Prohibition Period means the sooner to happen of (i) the expiration regarding the period that is two-year utilizing the startup day in the concept of area 860G(a)(9) associated with the Internal sales Code of every REMIC Trust that holds this Note or (ii) the termination associated with the thirty-six (36) thirty days period through the Closing Date. In no event shall Lender have responsibility to notify Borrower that a REMIC Prohibition Period is with in effect with regards to the Loan, except that Lender shall alert Borrower if any REMIC Prohibition Period is with in effect with regards to the Loan after getting any notice described in Section 5(b)(i)(B); supplied, nevertheless, that the failure of Lender to so notify Borrower shall maybe not impose any liability upon Lender or grant Borrower any right to defease the mortgage during any such REMIC Prohibition Period.