From the time he had been a young kid, M. Caillard had only had one concept inside the mind —to wear the ribbon of an purchase.

He used to wear a zinc cross of the Legion of Honor pinned on his tunic, just as other children wear a soldier’s cap, and he took his mother’s hand in the street with a proud air, sticking out his little chest with its red ribbon and metal star so that it might show to advantage when he was still quite a small boy.

Their studies are not a success, in which he failed in the examination for Bachelor of Arts; therefore, being unsure of what direction to go, he married a girl that is pretty while he’d loads of cash of their own.

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They lived in Paris, as numerous rich middle-class people do, combining with regards to very own specific set, and pleased with knowing a deputy, whom might maybe be a minister some time, and counting two minds of divisions among all of their buddies.

But M. Caillard could maybe perhaps not be rid of his one idea that is absorbing in which he felt constantly unhappy because he previously perhaps maybe not the best to wear a little bit of colored ribbon inside the buttonhole.

He looked at them askance, with intense jealousy when he met any men who were decorated on the boulevards. Often, as he had nothing to do into the he would count them, and say to himself: “Just let me observe how numerous i will fulfill involving the Madeleine in addition to Rue Drouot. afternoon”

He then would walk gradually, taking a look at every layer having an eye that is practiced the tiny little bit of red ribbon, so when he had reached the termination of their stroll he constantly repeated the figures aloud.

“Eight officers and seventeen knights. Up to that! Its stupid to sow the cross League City escort broadcast for the reason that fashion. We wonder what amount of i will back meet going?”

In which he came back gradually, unhappy once the crowd of passers-by interfered together with his eyesight.

He knew the accepted places where most were can be found. They swarmed within the Palais Royal. Fewer had been noticed in the Avenue de l’Opera compared to the Rue de la Paix, although the side that is right of boulevard was more frequented by them compared to the left.

In addition they appeared to choose cafes that are certain theatres. He used to say to himself whenever he saw a group of white-haired old gentlemen standing together in the middle of the pavement, interfering with the traffic:

“They are officers associated with the Legion of Honor,” and he felt inclined to just take down their cap in their mind.

He had usually remarked that the officers possessed a bearing that is different the simple knights. They carried their mind differently, plus one felt they enjoyed a greater formal consideration and an even more importance that is widely extended.

Often, but, the man that is worthy be seized by having a furious hatred for each one that ended up being embellished; he felt like a Socialist toward them.

Then, as he got house, excited at meeting so many crosses—just as an undesirable, hungry wretch may be on moving some dainty provision shop—he utilized to inquire about in a noisy sound:

“When shall we be rid of the wretched federal federal government?”

And their spouse could be amazed, and get:

“What may be the matter with you to-day?”

“I am indignant,” he responded, “at the injustice we see happening around us all. Oh, the Communards were undoubtedly appropriate!”

After supper he’d again go out and appear during the stores in which the designs had been offered, and then he examined all of the emblems of numerous shapes and colors. He might have liked to own them, also to have walked gravely in the mind of the procession, together with crush cap under his supply along with his breast covered with decorations, radiant as a celebrity, amid a buzz of admiring whispers and a hum of respect.

But, alas! he’d no right to wear any design whatever.