Dennis Roghair started carving at an early age with a pocket knife, a tool he used to carve many small projects. In high school, he inherited hand carving tools by way of a brother’s wife. With these tools, he paid his way through college in Utah doing sculptures while earning a degree in wildlife management.

carving eagle

These are the feathers you want to overlap onto your staff. Remove the excess wood up to this mark with your saw of choice. Separate the upper and lower beak using a medium size V-tool.

Chainsaw Carvings

The price will vary depending oin the level of detail desired as well as the size. One, Eric carved into two playful sea otters and the other he created his signature double eagle tree sculpture. This chainsaw carved art is approximately 12 feel tall and sits at the Vern Burton Center in Port Angeles.

This piece sits outside of the client’s garage and just looks great. We carve custom carved wood bald eagle sculptures in many sizes and in varying levels of detail. The wings can be raised, lowered or partly raised. They can be painted or finished in natural wood tones.

American Walnut Carved Spread Wing Eagle Perched To Flee On Rocky Plinth C 1830

With carving you will get a feel for which direction to go. Go with the grain as much as humanly possible. You will get «catches» whenever you start to cut against the grain. Change directions or angles (I will also change hands – make yourself do this enough and you will become ambidextrous to some degree which is a great boon for carvers). I tend to make my feathers of deeper relief than Bellamy did.

Dennis now carves full time in Hinckley, Minnesota. He can be reached there or contacted through his website at Carve a Bald Eagle head using the Stiller Bald Eagle Head Mouth Open Carving Pattern. The pattern features detailed views of the Eagle head.