As an example, if the bucks advance quantity surpasses the limit that the administrator configured, the bucks advance demand is provided for the following level that is supervisory approval.

Include extra amounts of supervisory approval.

Put up automatic advance loan approval.

For instance, then the cash advance is automatically approved and it does not require the supervisor’s approval if the cash advance amount is under a certain amount. This particular feature expedites the approval process for small amounts, considering that the have to wait for supervisor’s approval is eradicated.

To change an cash that is existing approval guideline within the Data Driven configuration web page, find the guideline set to change and then click the Edit symbol within the Tasks to be configured pane. It’s simple to include, change, or rules that are delete the specified guideline set. The modifications simply take impact whenever you click on the Commit Task symbol into the Tasks to be configured pane. Saving changes by clicking the Save symbol saves the changes, however it will not trigger them. If required, it is possible to undo modifications by pressing the Reset symbol.

Put up Approval Rules for Delegated Cash Loan

Oracle Fusion Expenses lets you delegate cash loan entry to a different individual in your stead. The cash advance owner needs to approve the cash advance request after the delegated user enters the request in the delegated cash advance process. Then, the demand is delivered for supervisor’s approval.

If you should be a current client, the money advance demand is sent for supervisor’s approval straight following the delegated individual enters the demand. The cash advance owner need not approve the cash advance request in this case.

But, you can easily change the procedure and include the money advance owner approval phase towards the process.

Here you will find the actions to incorporate the money advance owner approval phase to the delegated cash loan procedure.

Navigate to your Oracle BPM Worklist application.

From the Settings and Actions menu, choose management . The Management tab seems.

Click on the Task Configuration tab.

Into the Tasks to be configured pane, choose the FinExmWorkflowCashAdvanceApproval task.

Before making modifications towards the workflow, verify these settings:

Click on the Assignees tab and confirm that the worth associated with the Reviewers field is scheduled as ReviewersForDelegation .

Click on the Go to rule symbol into the cash loan Approval phase and validate that the CashAdvanceOwnerApprovalRule guideline file appears within the guideline sets list.

Click Notifications tab and verify that REVIEWERS is assigned because the receiver for the Complete task status.

Get back to the Assignees tab.

The Edit icon in the Tasks to be configured pane to modify the workflow, click.

This is how you add a stage into the workflow:

Click on the Edit symbol into the step that is first of workflow.

Select Add Stage > add stage that is sequential . A fresh stage is put into the workflow following the very first phase.

Here’s how you edit the stage that is first

Enter SoaOLabel.CashAdvanceOwner because the participant name.

Choose Rule-based for the Assignees centered on industry.

Click on the Edit symbol for Business rule, enter CashAdvanceOwnerApprovalRule because the business guideline, and then click Create Rule .

Choose the Specify skip rule check enter and box string-length(/task:task/task:payload/task:SubmitterUserName)=0 into the industry. This edits the guideline to skip this participant if cash loan submitter may be the owner.

When you look at the Tasks to be configured pane, click Save .

Here’s how you edit the 2nd phase:

Enter SoaOLabel.CashAdvanceApprover once the participant title.

Choose Rule-based for the Assignees according to industry.

Enter CashAdvanceApprovalRuleSet due to the fact business rule, and Create that is then click Rule .

When you look at the Tasks to be configured pane, click Save.

Here’s how you edit the CashAdvanceApprovalRuleSet guideline file:

Click on the Go to rule symbol within the stage that is second.

Find the CashAdvanceApprovalRuleSet guideline file.

Set the worthiness associated with the opening Participant industry to HierarchyBuilder.getManager(«supervisory»,Task.payload.ownerUserName,-1,»»,»») .

Into the Tasks to be configured pane, click Save .

The Commit task icon in the Tasks to be configured pane to commit the modified rule set, click.

Upload a cash loan File from a Third-Party System

It is possible to offer advance loan information making use of a comma-separated plain text .csv file this is certainly uploaded to Oracle Universal information Management utilizing the File Import and Export web page. Following the file is uploaded, the Upload is run by the expense auditor cash Advance process through the Scheduled Processes web page.

Legitimate cash loan records are developed or updated straight into the money advance tables. Rejected records are online payday loans in Centerville placed in the production file, combined with the basis for rejection.

The following table contains areas when you look at the money advance file which you create in TextPad and upload.