The Data Facts window and Data Stage Tooltips both use similar visual dialogue boxes showing similar detailed information about a great Excel info point. However , the Data Point Tooltip shows the data stage on a single lines, while the Data Info windowpane displays a graphical concept of the info. Both of these tools are extremely helpful for navigating through large amounts of information. Both of these discussion boxes can be activated by simply pressing the appropriate shortcut essential when the mouse button is pressed over these people.

In order to produce the desired effect, either of the tools must be used on an empty data point or graph and or. When a data point shows up, the data tips selection needs to be dragged to a new location over the chart. A custom construction button ought to be included in the chart’s Properties region. Once the individual has picked a location to show the data stage, the location plus the name for the data point should be entered into the Data Details or Target Windowpane text field. Once this info have been moved into, the data point should be specific in the Target Alternatives dialog field.

The Data Point Tooltip displays the data explanation and the name of the info point in the chart. Once the mouse is definitely pressed upon any of the heads, the names of this data points will be displayed as well as their numeric value inside the x and y coordinates. Both of these directions can be entered in the Goal Options dialog box prior to custom configuration or lively graph windowpane is shown. To activate the Target Choice, the mouse button must be constrained on the vacation spot point, which will cause the cursor to move to it.