However, being able to learn and practice the specific craft of art and antique restoration started by my grandfather carries a deep and loving weight in my life. I’ll only work with the best materials available and provide a 1 year guarantee on all labor. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives.

antique restoration

Furniture Medic technicians have the expertise to repair and restore your favorite pieces of furniture – from everyday functional items to heirloom antiques and everything in between. From thorough cleaning to structural repair — and almost everything in between — antique restoration work can take on many different forms. We accept any new or vintage odd item as art worth restoring. Having trained under the most reputable woodworkers and furniture restoration apprenticeships, Kathryn has developed a legendary knack for doing the impossible. Whole reconstructions, veneer replacement, refinishing and more are her specialties. As we navigate this unprecedented situation, we continue our goal of providing an exceptional customer experience.

Furniture Repair & Antique Restorations

My daughter loves vintage style and we’re planning to decorate her room into the 18th-century style that she likes. I will talk to my husband about buying antique furniture and sending them for restoration by a professional. We specialize in the restoration of kitchen stoves and refrigerators that were produced from the 1900’s through the 1950’s. Each appliance, and era, has it’s own unique look and style. These classic antique appliances really showcase your design theme and have been placed in many beautiful homes and businesses giving a unique flare. Cabinets Revive worn-out cabinets with repairs, restore faded stain or add a fresh coat of paint for a new look and style.

It’s always best to start by getting a book that teaches you regarding antique auto repairs so that you have all the information you need to take care of your antique home furniture correctly. You can even check online for more information about antique furniture repair. At Van Dyke’s Restorers, our large selection of antique hardware features doorknobs, gate hinges and even rolling library ladders to add charm and character to your home. Transform everyday home components such as kitchen cabinets, drawers, windows and interior doors with a unique, vintage hardware piece. Build a sliding farmhouse style door, complete with graceful and smooth rolling door hardware and decorative gate hinges. We carry a variety of antique hardware and vintage hardware to suit your needs and even restore a piece back to its original glory.

Meet The Restorers

Without the opinion of a certified appraiser, it’s difficult to know if an antique is authentic and what its estimated value may be. We recommend seeking the advice of a certified appraiser for an evaluation if you have concerns about the impact of a restoration on your piece. For more structural issues, like loose joints or broken parts, we will mend and reassemble. Once your piece is finished, we schedule its return based on a time that works with your schedule. Our process not only puts a piece back together, but makes it look like it was never broken to begin with. No visible cracks, chips, tears or anything other than the piece’s original splendor.

I started apprenticing for Robert Tondee around 1982 and since his passing I have continued his legacy by running this restoration shop. We have many original clients who to this day hire us and we are gaining new clients every day. We hold our work to a very high standard, as do our clients, and we promise you will not be disappointed. Whether your art collection has monetary or sentimental value, it is treasured for its age, history, and its value as an investment. However, by their very nature, objects of art often require conservation to restore and preserve their beauty and value. We know your restoration project is important to you and recommend and in-person consultation to provide you with the most accurate price estimate and completion timeline.

Carol doesn’t like much, so she assures you that if a piece leaves the studio to be returned, it has been restored to the highest standard of quality. The original founder of the Art & Antique Restorations, my grandfather Maurice, was diagnosed with macular degeneration; in only a few years time, he knew his eyesight would be gone. In an effort to carry on the work started decades ago, he began to train me in depth by 2014. Years later, I am proud to expand the business to Dallas, Texas and carry on the work of restoring magnificent works of priceless value.