Four-line of data LCD display and high definition backlight enable us to compare data more clearly and conveniently. The eTape 16 Digital Tape Measure is a unique and durable tape measure you will find more reliable and convenient. This tape measure provides three memory functions, which comprises one short-term measurement hold and two long-term memories.

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Useful for those who prefer to titrate in technology, these continue to be popular. Though this tape measure is useful, there are some downsides, particularly in terms of the battery replacements. It can be tricky to find Type 2032 batteries, so plan and make sure you have backup batteries.

#3 Tacklife Laser Tape Measure 2

A transparent target can be hard to measure the distance from or between when using a laser measure. Solid objects tend to be the best to use when measuring distance with a laser measure. This is a very portable device that features a hard rubber body so you can keep a good grasp on it. It has an IP54 waterproof level as well as a dust-proof function while the included wrist strap lets you keep the device steady and carry it easily. This is an IP54 waterproof design that provides more protection to the device with a comfortable keypad and rubber body that gives you a great user experience.

  • Furthermore, the device uses a high-end white and black display screen that provides a reverse screen.
  • This is a high quality and efficient laser measure with multiple measuring modes.
  • In a matter of moments, you’ll get information from your smartphone.
  • It has an IP54 waterproof level as well as a dust-proof function while the included wrist strap lets you keep the device steady and carry it easily.
  • So long as you keep the measuring tape in a safe area where it won’t be scratched or crushed, you are off to a good start.

Minimum and maximum modes let you sweep an area to find a true plum or diagonal measurement, so you don’t have to guess on where to place your measurement. A Pythagorean mode allows this tool to calculate hard-to-reach distances using two remote measurements. A bubble helps you keep your measurements level, and you can toggle between back and front reference point modes. Not only are they more accurate, but they’re also easier to use and eliminate the guesswork. When you want precision and accuracy without foregoing efficiency, nothing beats the power of technology.

Plus, just in case you’re worried about the durability, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind. The tape measure is fast and easy to reload delivery a strong recall every time and the blade itself is highly durable and is coated with a rugged nylon finish. The locking design is easy to use and with 25-feet of steel tape, it should be more than adequate to accommodate most professional needs and those of DIY’ers around the home. The design has stood the test of time and the Powerlock 25” is still loved the world over, delivering reliable performance combined with a classic design. The product has a backlit LCD screen to allow for the elementary reading of the results.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Digital Tape Measures:

The digital tape measure provides high accuracy of up to +_ 0.02 cm where the laser measures up to a distance of 100 feet and 16 feet tape measure. It also comes with an HD OLED screen with a backlight to display laser measurements. Equipped with a large backlit LCD screen, the digital tape measure is a fine selection that will suit your needs best. It is ruggedly built to suit both indoor and outdoor uses and with a high waterproof rating, it is a great option that you don’t want to miss.

Electronic Ruler Laser Distance Meter Range Finder 40m Measure Digital Tape

This listing belongs to Bestgift88, If you buy products from other stores and have quality problems, we are not responsible. The string mode uses traditional measuring string that is made from flexible nylon that can bend around objects. Guide lines appear automatically along edges and when making a vertical measurement. When the Measure app detects a person in the viewfinder, it automatically measures their height from the ground to the top of their head, hat, or hair. You can tap the shutter buttonto take a photo of the person with their height measurement.

In such a case, it will be difficult to take the measurement under extreme dust conditions due to the reflection of the laser beam. It is important that you have a tape measure with data storage capacity. This is beneficial when such data will be useful for a later reference. It saves you from the hassle to write each and every measurement down. If you’re working on a complex project, this is a function you should consider.